P2 D2 – Overhauling and going nano!

Hi guys and galls, Sorry about the slow updates lately but I have been experiencing problems powering my bot properly.  I am also planning, together with Electronic Sweet Peas, to put one of their WiFi boards in the bot. Wouldn’t that be cool, to have a WiFi enabled bot that could instantly report events and sensor readings back to the real world as well as receive commands and the necessary updated from IMDB. Currently I am not sure if I will be using their Sweet Pea WiFi shield connected to my Arduino system or their integrated solution which is a Leonardo compatible board with a WiFi module on it. I don’t know if it will be the Wi-Fi shield or their Leonardo board with its built in WiFi module at this moment?

Anyway, my deluded mind have had this idea for a flex pin board that allows for flexible pin assignment to work with shields that have their pins fixed.

So I wanted to start experimenting before my ideas started to fade and got this cool Funduino Nano. The really cool thing with this board is that it seams to work the same as the uno but is smaller and have 2 extra analog pins.

And this is the result after a weekend of trial and error.


We have power!

As you can see (hopefully) is that the bot now have 12 volts and 1.5 A of power.  (The seller of the batteries told me that this is what I would get if the batteries were connected together the way I did).  Now, the batteries seems to last forever as well

The knob in the back is a super hack which allows me to quickly control the speed of the motors by simply turning it without having to modify the code. (RED’s comment Cliff, you really need the WiFi stuff to be able to set this remotely =)

I have found the feature very handy when the batteries are running low, I can just turn it up and I get the speed that I want anyway =)


I got these batteries from this reseller here in Sweden http://www.awimex.se/.

No more bumper switches!

I have also removed the bumper switches as they where stupid as we don’t want it to bump in to things before we act.

I got these cool IR distance sensors from Electronic Sweet Peas that are inexpensive and very useful.

They are very simple to use ,you manually set a distance to check for and the sensor gives the Arduino a 0 or 1 depending if sensor is blocked or not.

As you can see I mounted them in a cross beam configuration like this so I only need 2 of them to check for obstacles in front left or front right.


What I have learned so far!

It is difficult to now which batteries to use for the bot in the beginning. I suggest everyone make a power budget so you know what kind of batteries to get.

The Funduino Nano loses the USB connection if you power it with an external power source while debugging. (very irritating, RED we really need to look in to this)

The nano boards have 2 extra analogue pins, yippyy =)

Its extremely useful to have some kind of delayed boot sequence on your bot!

Its better to use simple IR distance sensors than leaf switches or other switches to detect collision.

Electric motors and servos use a lot of power….. Yeaa =)

Its very good to have some prototyping boards and parts at home when starting with a bot.

Last words!

Next update will show all the latest changes in action with some new sounds and light fx added. If you have any questions about your own build so please ask and let me see if I can help you somehow.

I also may have found a new job as a sales person at Kjell & Co here in Sweden. Not so well payed but it will allow me to work a bit more on my bot projects.

Cu next time.

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